It is a contract between an individual or student and any company or firm stating that the individual will work for a specific period of time with company or firm for further training or work experience. Training contracts are generally offered by many large legal firms and companies to fresh graduate employees. It is also known as a legal agreement between you and your employer that you can come and work with the company or firm for particular period of time. It is a contract prepared by employers to provide advantages of skills training and professional development to employees. Training contract is a two year placement in most states and countries according to their laws and rules.

According to the terms and conditions of a training contract, employer must pay a handsome sum of money to the employee as salary. Writing of a training contract is a best way to provide professional training to the employee and trainees to make them enable to work in friendly and comfortable environment. Training contract may be a part of employment contract but not an employment contract itself. One need to write a training contract with all necessary details and required information to make it legal and effective. Training contract template is an ideal option to prepare a training contract with no troubles and confusions.

Download Training Contract Template:

training contract template

Here is free Training Contract Template.


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Here is sample Purchase Contract Template for you to download. It is a legal contract entered into by a buyer and seller before a purchase transaction. The seller informs all the terms and conditions of the sale of goods or services to the seller through this contract. It also specified all the obligations from the buyer’s side before and after the sale is affected. The contract shall also lay down precisely the credit period and payment terms to be adhered by the buyer over the period of the contract. It shall also mention the applicability of any charges in the form of penalty or interest for default or delay in payments within the due date. It will be useful for you to download Purchase Contract Template.

The contract becomes legally enforceable only when both the parties sign in the presence of witness. Purchase contracts are usually entered by companies which have frequent requirements of materials in order to protect themselves from shortage of stock during crisis. For example, hotels, vegetables and fruit vendors, food and snack selling companies, etc. Purchase contracts also ensure that suppliers/sellers do not alter the prices as they are already fixed as per purchase contracts. It helps the buyer is preparing his financial projections in a more accurate and precise manner. Before entering into a purchase contracts a buyer should conduct a market analysis of the prices offered by various suppliers. Multiple quotes from vendors will ensure that the supplier with cheapest price and best quality are chosen to enter into a contract.

Download this purchase contract template from here.

purchase contract template


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Vehicle contract provide an excellent opportunity for the working class people to drive their dream cars. It is not possible for every individual to pay the price of a vehicle upfront. Vehicle contract allow people to take vehicles on operational lease during the lifetime of the vehicle. With a vehicle contract hire a person is required to pay an equal amount every month for the using the vehicle he has chosen. The cost per month is indirectly related to the rate o depreciation the vehicle would suffer over its estimated useful life and the period of the contract.

Depending on the vehicle make and its known condition after continued use for a long time the company may charge high or less equated monthly installments. The monthly installments may include the cost of servicing, maintenance, taxes or other duties payable by the owner otherwise. The vehicle on the expiry of the contract has to be returned to the vehicle contract hire vendor. The contract will be drawn based on a rough estimation of the number of miles the vehicles is estimated to travel in a year. Where the actual miles travelled exceed the agreed number of miles, an additional charge per mile have to be paid at a stipulated rate as per the contract.

Here is free vehicle contract template for you

vehicle contract template


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You will like this Advertising Contract Template. Advertising is something that plays a vital role to announce or introduce a new business, company or product in market. It is era of competitions and advertising is most important element to establish a visible identity in market for any business or products to enhance sales volume to gain maximum profit. That is the reason companies spend the huge amount of their profit in advertising and marketing. Advertising contract is a legal document prepared and signed between two parties (business and advertising company) where one party will get benefits of advertising services from other. It is a legal document to describe all details regarding advertising like things that need to be promoted, mod of communication, cost and placement of the advertisement etc with terms and conditions of the contract.

In the modern age a contract is a very important aspect in all fields of life to accomplish different tasks and jobs with the help of others similarly making an advertising contract can help a company to avail advertising services from another individual or company in best and efficient manner. Advertising contract is one of the most important business contracts and need to be drafted carefully with all attention and necessary details. A best and recommended way to write an advertising contract is use of advertising contract template. One can easily edit the template to make an elegant advertising contract for business or company.

Download Free Advertising Contract Template:

Advertising Contract Template



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You can download Franchise Contract Template from here free. Under a franchise contract the franchisee buys a total turnkey system of brand, know-how, training, methodology and support of an existing business model from the franchisor. The person who buys a license to replicate a business system is known as a franchiser or as a franchise owner. A franchisor is a company that offers to replicate its business model or product.

The total package of franchise rights, including branding, know-how, systems, territory, etc are known as franchise package which for an initial charge is provided by the franchisor to the franchisee. The franchisee has to pay Management Service Fee to the franchisor which is the revenue for him for letting use of his products or brands. The franchise agreement would be signed for a particular period from 5 to 10 years or similar periods during which the franchisee is allowed to use the franchise package of the franchisor. Upon the expiry of contract it can be renewed if both the parties are interested contrary to which the franchisor will buy back the franchise from the franchisee. The different types of franchises are Area Development franchise, Job franchise, Joint venture franchise, Management franchise, Master franchise and Resale. We hope that this Franchise Contract Template will be useful for you.

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franchise contract template


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Here is sample Development Contract Template for you. Development contracts are contracts between the owner of a property and the local jurisdiction in which the property is situated for development of the property into real estate assets or buildings. The development may be targeted at improving the landscape of the property, to provide additional transit systems or to raise additional space for business operations. The purpose of such a contract is to specify the standards as well as conditions that will govern the development procedures of the property. The development contract provides an assurance to the developer that the development activities can be proceeded with the terms and conditions existing at the time and that they will not effected by any subsequent changes. We need to be very much careful in using this Development Contract Template.

The contract shall as well describe the various phases in which the development will be completed, the requirements of public property acquisitions, improvements, etc, the developer’s role in compensating the local community for any losses suffered etc. Since, the contract is entered between a local jurisdiction as well as a developer, it has to be signed by the head of the jurisdiction and the developer and by no other personnel. The developer shall be paid consideration or remuneration as per the terms agreed upon in the contract.

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Development Contract Template

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You can download this free legal contract template here. A legal contract is a legal binding agreement between two parties to perform variety of actions agreed by both parties. Legal contracts are promises that can be enforceable by law in case of any need. Fair and well made legal contracts protect both parties from variety of damages and misunderstandings. We all daily prepare and sign lots of legal contracts on regular basis to complete various business and personal tasks and jobs. No all contracts need to be in written but in this modern age of technology it is best to prepare a legal contract in writing to use as a legal evidence in case of any misunderstanding or breach of the contract.

Legal contracts are document that spell out all legally binding terms and conditions that the involved parties must hold on to face different legal actions and procedures. In this fast and busy age of life making of legal contracts is a safest way to do business with other parties to gain desired benefits and outcomes. A legal contract must have an agreement and consideration to make it valid in eyes of law. Legal contracts are easily enforceable by law to resolve many unwanted situations and conditions between parties. Legal contract templates are pre designed documents by professionals to assist all users in making of effective legal contracts to perform various business and personal action.

Download legal contract template:

legal contract template

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Click on following download button and save contract between two companies template in storage of your computer to write an accurate and error free contract between two companies. Whenever two different companies or business entities wish to combine their resources in order to chase mutual business goals and objectives, they need to draft a legal document named contract between two parties. Generally, all contracts between two companies follow a basic set of rules and conditions whether they are going to cover a partnership formation between companies or going to document a simple purchase agreement. A detailed contract between two companies identifies all possible details about the deal or transaction such as names of both parties, description about the business activity or work they are going to carry out, terms and conditions of the contract and other necessary information etc. A contract between two companies must be in writing if you want to make it enforceable by law.

About Contract Between Two Companies:

A contract between two companies can be drafted for wide range of reasons. For example, two different companies may enter into a contract when one companyagree to provide raw material or other products to the other company under the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract for a particular period of time. According to contract laws, such contracts must be in writing form and also be signed by both parties. In case of any violation, the contract between two companies can be enforced by law to provide compensation. You must hire a legal representative or lawyer to draft a contract between two companies but if you want to write one yourself, you are advised to download and use contract between two companies template to do this efficiently. The template provides you a proper format for drafting a spotless contract between two companies in short span of time.

Download and See Contract Between Two Companies:

contract between two companies


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Do you want to compose an error free house rental contract in short time? You should download and customize below mentioned house rental contract template to do so. A house rental contract is a legal document that sets out the basic terms and conditions of rental transaction landlord and tenant agree to follow during a rental relationship. House rental contract is a legal and enforceable by law agreement entered into between a landlord and tenant. It establishes the rights and responsibilities of each party involved in the transaction in order to prevent misunderstandings and quarrels in future. Signing a house rental contract is a best way to rent out your property as per laws of states. It also protects your rental property involved in the contract. It is recommended by experts prepare and sign a house rental contract to enjoy a quarrel free rental relationship with your tenant. It is most important to have your attorney or legal representative review your house rental contract to ensure that the terms and conditions of the contract comply with local and state laws.

More about House Rental Contract Template:

Renting out an extra house is best and common way to increase your income in these days so people rent out a house to tenant by signing a house rental contract. It is a legal document that provides all necessary and basic details about the rental of house and terms of the contracts etc. A house rental contract may include name and contact details of parties, address of the house to be rented, agreed amount of money as rent, duration of rental contract, payment method, rent payment due date and other conditions etc. Whether you are renting out your own house or working as a real estate agent, you should make up a house rental agreement to protect your and your tenant’s rights. It is enforceable by law in case of violation by any party involved. For example, in the event that your renter does not stick on to the terms of your house rental contract, you can use the contract as written evidence in a lawsuit against him or her to claim for compensation or penalty. A faultless house rental contract can be drafted with a house rental contract template easily.

Always bear in your mind that renting your any kind of property without a clear rental agreement is an open invitation for troubles so don’t underestimate the significance of house rental contract and prepare one for your own house when renting out. A house rental agreement is the foundation of the landlord and tenant relationship and should be prepared carefully along with all important details and information. With a well prepared house rental contract, both the landlord and tenant are legally protected so it should be prepared and signed whenever property is rented in order to reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings between parties. Microsoft word is features software to compose a good house rental contract, even you can also get help from house rental contract template. A house rental contract template is a ready to use document designed by professionals that assists people a lot when making house rental contracts for personal or professional use.

Download Free House Rental Contract Template:

house rental contract template


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Below is a ready to use rent to own contract template available for free of cost and one can simply customize the template in Microsoft word or any other word processing software to construct a rent to own contract within no time. If it is decided by you to purchase a house or any other property you are using as a tenant, then it is a brilliant idea for you to create a rent to own contract first. Generally rent to own contract is an agreement established between a landlord and tenant sometime after the beginning of the tenancy when a tenant decide to purchase the rental property in particular period of time. A rent to own contract requires potential buyer to pay monthly rent to the home owner with a portion of it going toward a home purchase at a specific date in future. Before entering into a rent to own contract, a landlord or property owner has to decide the sale price and rent he or she will charge for the house.

More about Rent to Own Contract Template:

Rent to own contract can be prepared for variety of things. For example, rent to own contract is a common type of sales transaction under which any kind of tangible property just like motor vehicles, rooms and houses is rented in exchange for a specific monthly payment with the option to purchase after a particular time period during the contract. Such contracts have potential financial and wide variety of benefits both landlords and tenants. In most of situations, as per conditions of the contract a tenant will pay the owner a precise amount of money as advance deposit which will be used as down payment when it is time to purchase the property. Whereas, many property owners will collect rent amount every month from tenant as agreed, a part of which will go for purchase of property. As per terms of the rent to own contract, the title of ownership to the house or property remains with the landlord until the tenant works out his or her option (purchases the property). A best and recommended way to create an error free rent to own contract is use of rent to own contract template.

Finally you found the perfect house to live in but you can’t rather afford to purchase it right now, so there is a good option for you to lease the house with an option to purchase in future. A rent to own contract is totally different from a general rental contract in that a tenant can buy the property at any time during the agreement. Signing a rent to own contract is a flexible option for both tenant and landlord to carry out the transaction of sale of property as agreed. It is also an attractive option for seller who cannot find an appropriate buyer for the home or property right away. Writing a rent to own contract can be little bit challenging for you as a fresh person but you can write it perfectly by means of following rent to own contract template. the rent to own contract template is designed in Microsoft word format so you can make changes in the template easily using same software.

Download Free Rent to Own Contract Template:

Rent to Own Contract Template Image