Vehicle contract provide an excellent opportunity for the working class people to drive their dream cars. It is not possible for every individual to pay the price of a vehicle upfront. Vehicle contract allow people to take vehicles on operational lease during the lifetime of the vehicle. With a vehicle contract hire a person is required to pay an equal amount every month for the using the vehicle he has chosen. The cost per month is indirectly related to the rate o depreciation the vehicle would suffer over its estimated useful life and the period of the contract.

Depending on the vehicle make and its known condition after continued use for a long time the company may charge high or less equated monthly installments. The monthly installments may include the cost of servicing, maintenance, taxes or other duties payable by the owner otherwise. The vehicle on the expiry of the contract has to be returned to the vehicle contract hire vendor. The contract will be drawn based on a rough estimation of the number of miles the vehicles is estimated to travel in a year. Where the actual miles travelled exceed the agreed number of miles, an additional charge per mile have to be paid at a stipulated rate as per the contract.

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We are providing here a Partnership Contract Template for you to download. Occasionally in order to meet the requirements of a growing business, two or more person may become joint owners thereof, each bringing in certain amount of capital and sharing the profits and losses in agreed proportions. Such a relationship is called partnership and when it is made formal through an agreement such an agreement is called the partnership deed. The essential objective of a partnership deed is to formalize the intent of sharing the profits and losses of a business between the partners in agreed proportions. A partnership deed will ensure that in the event of any difference of opinion between the partners the matter can be taken to court and can be settled based on the court judgment. We hope you will like Partnership Contract Template.

A partnership deed will contain the following clauses: name of the firm and its nature of business, names and addresses of the partners, the duration of the business of the partnership, total capital of the firm and the share of profits attributable to each partner, etc. The partnership will stipulate the interest rates to be allowed on partners’ capitals and to be charged on their drawings from capital. Partners may also be paid salaries for the time and effort extended by them to the business.

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Lease Contract Template is for you help in leasing process agreement. A lease contract is the execution by which one party conveys a property to another party, for a particular period, in exchange of a valuable benefit, and retains the ownership at the expiry of the contract. Common lease agreement are entered into for leasing real estate property like residential buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities or machinery and equipment like farming equipment, automobiles, electrical appliances etc. generally a lease agreement can be oral or written. But laws of different states require that a lease agreement should be in writing if the value exceeds a certain limit or the period of lease is beyond a particular time frame. A lease is when a property owner (the offeror) offers his property to another (the offeree) and the offered accepts the offer. You can get free Lease Contract Template from this site.

The offer will authorize the offeree to possess and use the property owned by the offeror for a certain period of time without gaining ownership. The property has to be returned to its owner on expiry of the lease contract. The property owner of a lease contract is called the lessor and the user of the property is called lessee. The lessee has to pay consideration to the lessor for use of his property which can be definite amounts of money or any other valuable benefit mutually agreed upon. If a lessee defaults in meeting any of his obligations the lessor can sue him for damages arising from such breach of contract.

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Whether you want to remodel your entire home, apartment or office, a detailed remodeling contract written between you and the contractor you hire for this purpose is essential before any renovation or remodeling to enjoy a trouble free remodeling. This type of contract is a best tool to establish a pleasant working relationship between a contractor and property owner or landlord. Making of a remodeling contract protects both parties form variety of misunderstandings. A remodeling contract may include name and other details of both parties, nature of the property, criteria or remodeling work, estimated sum of money, required time to accomplish the contract and other terms and conditions about remodeling etc.

A well written remodeling contract with all details is an excellent way to establish the foundation of a good working relationship and environment between you and contractor. It is a professional tool to indicate rights, duties and obligations of involved parties in details. Remodeling contract reduces the amount of risks for both parties involved in the contract. If you are also looking for remodeling of your house or room and wish to write a remodeling contract personally, you should use a remodeling contract template to do this with best. Remodeling contract templates and samples are widely available on internet for free of cost and a user can download appropriate remodeling contract template as per needs from internet.


Here is sample Purchase Contract Template for you to download. It is a legal contract entered into by a buyer and seller before a purchase transaction. The seller informs all the terms and conditions of the sale of goods or services to the seller through this contract. It also specified all the obligations from the buyer’s side before and after the sale is affected. The contract shall also lay down precisely the credit period and payment terms to be adhered by the buyer over the period of the contract. It shall also mention the applicability of any charges in the form of penalty or interest for default or delay in payments within the due date. It will be useful for you to download Purchase Contract Template.

The contract becomes legally enforceable only when both the parties sign in the presence of witness. Purchase contracts are usually entered by companies which have frequent requirements of materials in order to protect themselves from shortage of stock during crisis. For example, hotels, vegetables and fruit vendors, food and snack selling companies, etc. Purchase contracts also ensure that suppliers/sellers do not alter the prices as they are already fixed as per purchase contracts. It helps the buyer is preparing his financial projections in a more accurate and precise manner. Before entering into a purchase contracts a buyer should conduct a market analysis of the prices offered by various suppliers. Multiple quotes from vendors will ensure that the supplier with cheapest price and best quality are chosen to enter into a contract.

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If you want to make an international contract then international contract template will be of much help to you. International contracts are agreements between parties belonging to two different countries. They are commonly known as the cross border agreements. International contracts involving sale as well as purchase of goods or services are governed by “The United Nations Convention on contracts for The International Sale of goods from 1980. The convention has a global set of rules in accordance with which international contracts are required to be prepared. International contracts contain a foreign element and hence they are based on international currencies which have neutral effect on both the parties. International contract is of very much importance.

The contract shall satisfy the requirements of legal statute of both the parties before finalized. It becomes valid from the point of time since when the contract is signed by both the parties. Owing to complexities in cross-border transactions, the contract may have to be approved by the authorities of both the countries before they are put into exercise. The service of a legal attorney or a professional legal consultant will ensure that the contract is phrased in a manner which does not infringe any applicable statutory provisions. Finally the contract should be signed by both the parties in the presence of a witness who is not related to any of them.

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Do you want a Service Contract Template then you have reached up the right place. When a manufactured product is purchased in addition to warranty period, an additional offer known as service contract is also provided for a fixed period. A service contract provides an additional assurance that the service which you are entitled to receive from the product will be provided in the event of any break down or failure. Service contracts are not completely warranties but are extended warranties. Usually the cost of service is included in the sale price and is offered as complementary to the customer. However, in the case of any repair, damage or accident beyond the purview of service contract, additional cost may have to be incurred to bring the product to its previous form. Service Contract Template is very much important.

With the growth of e-commerce products are sold over the internet without the aid of any specific point of sale outlets. In such a situation to avail service from the manufacturer might seem laborious and time consuming. A service contract defines the location and the process through which service will be rendered by the manufacturer. For example, computer manufacturers produce their products in a single location and sell them worldwide through various retails channels. These manufacturers offer service contracts at distributed domestic locations known as authorized service locations where the computers can be taken for repair or servicing.

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A contract is a voluntary legal promise or agreement between two or more persons, parties and organizations to carry out actions and things mutually. It is a document to emphasize each party’s duties, rights and obligations. We all daily make contracts in general and business lives to complete various actions. A contract is a blueprint of future activities and functions that may you need to accomplish as a party of valid contract. Leasing a home, apartment, office or any kind of property is a normal routine in everyone’s life, which is a common type of contract. In this state of affairs one party is a landlord and other is tenant. Landlord offers his/her property for leasing purpose and tenant agrees to use the property for same reason in return of specified sum of money as rent and through this way they both are making a legal agreement in shape of contract. That is why when making any kind of deal or agreement to do something, it is important to have a contract.

A valid contract always helps you to get rid of quarrels and misunderstandings while performing your duties according to the terms and conditions of the contract. Contracts are best to prepare because these provide a written document that outlines the full understanding of the business and other relationship and scope of the work, duties and rights so that no one can claim any misunderstandings later on the way. Oral or spoken agreements are very hard to enforce by law and they often times leave you with no compensation or legal action in case of breaching of contract by any other party. They protect all involved parties by damages and other violations. If a party breaches the terms and conditions of a contract, a court might choose to do a number of things and one of them is awarding a specified sum of money to compensate the affected person for their loss which is normally known as damages in contracts. In fact making a contract in written is not only handy in business life but also helpful to make other kind of personal deals like sale of car or property etc.

Making of contracts in daily life is important because they can be used in the legal systems to ensure that all involved parties of the contract are equally compensated for their work, goods or money and are doing their duties with best as per terms and conditions of the contract. They also tell all parties about how to do things in what kind of circumstance and situations to achieve mutual goals. If you are going to make a contract for business or personal purpose, you need to be careful about it and need to use clever writing skills and expertise to do so. Making of a contract for very first time can be a difficult task but one can prepare a faultless contract by getting help from contract templates. Internet is an ideal place to find out and download free contract templates for business and personal purposes.

You can get free Commercial Contract Template from here. Any contract which deals with purchasing and sales of goods or services, licensing of technical know-how, copyrights, etc are referred to as commercial contracts. Commercial contracts are entered into for affecting types of Commercial contracts are firm fixed price contracts, fixed price contracts, time and material contracts. In a firm fixed price contract or FFP the cost of the service is predetermined and mutually agreed upon and is not subject to change under any circumstances even if the costs escalate subsequent to entering into the contract. Commercial Contract Template will be very much helpful and useful for you.

The promisee is required to pay only the agreed amount of consideration and nothing more. A time and material contract determines the cost of service taking into account the fixed wages and material costs. In this type of contracts the cost of materials varies from time to time and proves beneficial for contracts involving multiple laborers. A commercial contract helps a business in regulating its business relationships from time to time and ensures that all transactions are predetermined and are enacted in its favor. Contracts which are not properly drafted and are weak will make a business unstable and will result in the organization losing its competitive edge in the market. It is very important all commercial contracts be drawn up professionally and is void of any legal loopholes before they are signed by the parties.

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Building a house or an apartment is a very complicated process and ay involves lots of various construction elements like knowledge of architectural designs, different building codes, material and labor cost etc. making of a builder contract is a simple and easy way to get your house or apartment built in a trouble free manner without any extra load of work. Building contract is a contract prepared and signed between builder and client to indicate rights and duties of both parties with terms and conditions of the contract. It is a best way to protect both parties form any disagreement during the building or construction process. A builder contract helps you a lot to let your clients know what to expect from you and what you want from them in return.

Complete details about both involved parties should be there on top of your contract while making a builder contract. Builder contract may include other details like scope of work need to be done, work schedules and processes, specified sum of money and time in which work need to be done etc. if you are going to write a builder contract very first time, you are advised to use a well made builder contract template with all necessary spaces and fields to finish a building contract in best and easy way.