It is a contract between an individual or student and any company or firm stating that the individual will work for a specific period of time with company or firm for further training or work experience. Training contracts are generally offered by many large legal firms and companies to fresh graduate employees. It is also known as a legal agreement between you and your employer that you can come and work with the company or firm for particular period of time. It is a contract prepared by employers to provide advantages of skills training and professional development to employees. Training contract is a two year placement in most states and countries according to their laws and rules.

According to the terms and conditions of a training contract, employer must pay a handsome sum of money to the employee as salary. Writing of a training contract is a best way to provide professional training to the employee and trainees to make them enable to work in friendly and comfortable environment. Training contract may be a part of employment contract but not an employment contract itself. One need to write a training contract with all necessary details and required information to make it legal and effective. Training contract template is an ideal option to prepare a training contract with no troubles and confusions.

Download Training Contract Template:

training contract template

Here is free Training Contract Template.


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