Download Tenancy Contract Template free from here. A tenancy contract is an agreement between two parties namely the tenant and the landlord. The tenant is any person who occupies the accommodation provided by the landlord by paying rentals. The tenancy agreement gives rights to both the parties, for example the right of the tenant to occupy the accommodation and the landlord’s right to receive rent for letting the accommodation. Normally a tenancy agreement can be made up of expressed terms and implied terms. Expressed terms include what is agreed upon in the agreement by both the parties.Tenancy Contract Template is important document.

 Implied terms are rights given by law or arrangements established by custom or tradition. For example the landlord may specifically forbid the tenant to have pets in the accommodation, or deny him any permission to make structural changes to the building without prior consent. Implied terms are that the tenant will not sub-let the accommodation to any third party and will use the accommodation solely for his own use. A well written tenancy agreement will have the names of the tenant and the landlord, address of the property that is being let out, duration of tenancy, amount of rent payable, due date of rent, periodical escalation in rent, notice for termination and vacating of accommodation, etc.

Sample Free Tenancy Contract template for your reference and guidance.

tenancy contract template


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