Do you want a Service Contract Template then you have reached up the right place. When a manufactured product is purchased in addition to warranty period, an additional offer known as service contract is also provided for a fixed period. A service contract provides an additional assurance that the service which you are entitled to receive from the product will be provided in the event of any break down or failure. Service contracts are not completely warranties but are extended warranties. Usually the cost of service is included in the sale price and is offered as complementary to the customer. However, in the case of any repair, damage or accident beyond the purview of service contract, additional cost may have to be incurred to bring the product to its previous form. Service Contract Template is very much important.

With the growth of e-commerce products are sold over the internet without the aid of any specific point of sale outlets. In such a situation to avail service from the manufacturer might seem laborious and time consuming. A service contract defines the location and the process through which service will be rendered by the manufacturer. For example, computer manufacturers produce their products in a single location and sell them worldwide through various retails channels. These manufacturers offer service contracts at distributed domestic locations known as authorized service locations where the computers can be taken for repair or servicing.

Here is free service contract template for your reference purpose

Service Contract Template


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