Below is a ready to use rent to own contract template available for free of cost and one can simply customize the template in Microsoft word or any other word processing software to construct a rent to own contract within no time. If it is decided by you to purchase a house or any other property you are using as a tenant, then it is a brilliant idea for you to create a rent to own contract first. Generally rent to own contract is an agreement established between a landlord and tenant sometime after the beginning of the tenancy when a tenant decide to purchase the rental property in particular period of time. A rent to own contract requires potential buyer to pay monthly rent to the home owner with a portion of it going toward a home purchase at a specific date in future. Before entering into a rent to own contract, a landlord or property owner has to decide the sale price and rent he or she will charge for the house.

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Rent to own contract can be prepared for variety of things. For example, rent to own contract is a common type of sales transaction under which any kind of tangible property just like motor vehicles, rooms and houses is rented in exchange for a specific monthly payment with the option to purchase after a particular time period during the contract. Such contracts have potential financial and wide variety of benefits both landlords and tenants. In most of situations, as per conditions of the contract a tenant will pay the owner a precise amount of money as advance deposit which will be used as down payment when it is time to purchase the property. Whereas, many property owners will collect rent amount every month from tenant as agreed, a part of which will go for purchase of property. As per terms of the rent to own contract, the title of ownership to the house or property remains with the landlord until the tenant works out his or her option (purchases the property). A best and recommended way to create an error free rent to own contract is use of rent to own contract template.

Finally you found the perfect house to live in but you can’t rather afford to purchase it right now, so there is a good option for you to lease the house with an option to purchase in future. A rent to own contract is totally different from a general rental contract in that a tenant can buy the property at any time during the agreement. Signing a rent to own contract is a flexible option for both tenant and landlord to carry out the transaction of sale of property as agreed. It is also an attractive option for seller who cannot find an appropriate buyer for the home or property right away. Writing a rent to own contract can be little bit challenging for you as a fresh person but you can write it perfectly by means of following rent to own contract template. the rent to own contract template is designed in Microsoft word format so you can make changes in the template easily using same software.

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