Below is a land sale contract template which is produced by our professionals to guide you with enough instructions when writing a land sale contract. Land sale contract is an agreement entered into between a property owner who want to sell his land or property and a buyer who wish to buy the same land in exchange of agreed amount of money as cost of land. In a land sale contract, the seller provides financing to buyer to purchase the land for an agreed upon purchase price. Writing a land sale contract is a best way to permit the buyer to take possession of the land for most purposes other than title of ownership while the buyer is not paying lump sum amount in one payment. As per terms and conditions of the contract, sale price is usually paid by the buyer in periodic installments. Land sale contract is similar to a mortgage but rather than borrowing money from a financial organization or bank to buy the land or any other kind of property, the buyer makes payments in installments to the real estate owner or seller until the full purchase price is paid as agreed in the contract.

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Signing a land sale contract is best way to eliminate the borrowing of money from other financial providers in order to purchase real estate or land. In general, a buyer and a seller both parties sign the land sale contract understanding all agreed upon terms and conditions of the sale of land. A land sale contract is commonly used when a land buyer is unable to obtain financing from a bank or any other financial provides due to poor credit rating, insufficient collateral or down payment etc. A land sale contract must include all necessary and basic information about the land just the address of real estate, full legal description of the land or property, purchase price, down payment amount to be paid by buyer, monthly payment amounts, number of payments to be made and balloon payment required if any etc. using a proper format just like land sale contract template is best to prevent errors when making a land sale contract.

Land sale contract is also known as contract for deed in different states and countries and considered as a vital document in real estate business. With help of a land sale contract, a buyer pays purchase price in installments directly to the seller for land purchased without securing a home loan or mortgage loan from a third party like bank. Signing a land sale contract is a best way for buyer to purchase a land or real estate when facing lack of financial recourses to make one time full payment. Land sale contracts should be prepared as per laws and regulations of the state. It is also best ask your lawyer to review the land sale contract in order to avoid misunderstandings in later times. Large number of handful tools and instruments is accessible on web to make error free land sale contracts at home or in office. An elegantly designed land sale contract template is also obtainable here on this page. This land sale contract template is equipped with all major contents and details that one need to make up a good land sale contract.

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