You can get and download Sales Contract Template from this page. A sales contract is a legal agreement between two parties namely; a seller (vendor) and the buyer (purchaser).  The agreement is for exchange of goods and services or any property for a mutually agreed upon price which the buyer has to pay to the seller. It outlines all the obligations of the buyer and seller to finalize the transaction and to complete a sale. A sales contract acts as evidence in the court of law in case of any legal suits for non-performance of contract terms from either of the parties. It helps in mutual understanding of the buyer and seller of their roles and responsibilities with regards to the contract, the quality and the particulars of the goods under the purview of the contract.Sales Contract Template is essential document for everyone.

 Both the buyer and seller should sign a sales contract only after perusing the terms and conditions and confirming that they in accordance with their expectations. The typical contents of a sales contract are: the title of the buyer and seller, duties and rights of both the parties including payment, credit and delivery terms. The parties to the contract should agree upon a penalty clause to be exercised in case of breach of contractual terms by either of them. Finally the contract should be signed in the presence of witness (es) by both the parties on the duly dated agreement deed.

Download Sales Contract Template:

Sales Contract Template

A free sample sales contract template and agreement is here for your download.


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