Building a house or an apartment is a very complicated process and ay involves lots of various construction elements like knowledge of architectural designs, different building codes, material and labor cost etc. making of a builder contract is a simple and easy way to get your house or apartment built in a trouble free manner without any extra load of work. Building contract is a contract prepared and signed between builder and client to indicate rights and duties of both parties with terms and conditions of the contract. It is a best way to protect both parties form any disagreement during the building or construction process. A builder contract helps you a lot to let your clients know what to expect from you and what you want from them in return.

Complete details about both involved parties should be there on top of your contract while making a builder contract. Builder contract may include other details like scope of work need to be done, work schedules and processes, specified sum of money and time in which work need to be done etc. if you are going to write a builder contract very first time, you are advised to use a well made builder contract template with all necessary spaces and fields to finish a building contract in best and easy way.

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Joint Venture Contract Template is of much help for you. A joint venture is a business agreement in which two parties join together for a finite time to develop a business or to complete a specific assignment while sharing all the costs, gains and losses in predetermined proportion. A new entity is created with fresh infusion of capital, assets and resources to be controlled by both the parties. Joint ventures are common for projects like construction contracts, sharing of technological know how, branding of products, etc. Most commonly capital intensive projects are undertaken as joint ventures. The preparation for a joint venture begins with the analysis of the JV products, estimated costs, market analysis, financial projections, and impact on environment, etc. Get Joint Venture Contract Template from this site free.

The next stage of entering into a joint venture agreement is selecting a prospective partner with matching strategic strengths and resources that can add value to the enterprise and make the JV a success. Joint ventures are entered into for a limited time period which can range from 4 months to 4 years or less depending on the gestation period of the project. A business may have potential for growth with innovative products and ideas, however, a joint venture will add more resources, greater capacity and enhanced technical expertise along with access to established markets and various distribution channels.

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Contract is a handy tool that can be used to make any personal or business deal legal in eyes of law. It is written or oral agreement that may specify the rights and duties of involved parties to each other in a contract. Media advertising contract is a legal document that can be used to engage a media advertiser to promote products or services of another company or business entity for a specified sum of money normally known as media advertising cost. Media advertisement contract prepared by large businesses and companies who want to promote and advertise their business, products and services on particular type of media like newspaper, magazine, TV, radio or internet etc.

A well made media advertising contract protects both parties (advertiser and client) by providing important details of the agreement like type of media for advertising, agreed cost for advertising, placement of adds, time frame, payment schedules, payment due dates and cancellation policies and procedures etc. a client or customer need to provide accurate details and information about the products or services to the advertiser that need to be promoted in order to get effective advertising benefits. One can use various helping techniques and tools in preparation of elegant media advertising contract and one of them is media advertising contract template. You just need to customize the template after downloading in order to write faultless media advertising contract.

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A contract is a legal binding agreement or a legal document to demonstrate the relationship of two or more than two parties as well as setting out what they must do and must not to do in order to perform variety of action to gain valuable benefits. Contract is an understanding and a deal between two or more involved parties, individuals or organizations to do convinced things to reach common goals and objectives. It is a legal document used to highlight that what you and the other concerned persons or organizations has agreed to do under what terms and conditions to accomplish mutual goals and tasks. Contracts are prepared by parties when they agree to do something together by following the terms and conditions of the contract. Contracts can be in written or spoken as per their nature and circumstances. A person with age of 18 years can enter into a contract but in some states and in some circumstances people with age of less than 18 years can also make contracts.

a contract considered as valid if there are basic elements included in it and those basic elements are offer, acceptance and consideration. There must be an offer in contract to do something and it must be clear stated and specific. Similarly an offer in contract must be understood by other party or parties and its acceptance must be clear as well. Consideration to be paid for the promise made in contract is known as third and last important element of a contract to make it valid in eyes of law. Large number of people thinks that any legal contract should be in written to make it effective and enforceable but it is also fact that not all contracts need to be in written by parties. Variety of contracts is required by law that must be in written and sale or purchase of land contract in one of them. Hence it is always handy to have all terms and conditions agreed between the parties in writing and kept with all other necessary papers and documents. Written contracts are best to point out rights and duties of all involved parties in well manner.

Contracts are promises or understandings that enforceable by law in case of any violation or breech by any involved party or organization. When a breach of a valid contract happens, then one or both of the parties may wish to have the contract enforced based on terms and conditions stated in the contract and court or other law agencies will help them to resolve the issues and quarrels. It is a legal document and need too much care and attention while writing. Contracts should be prepared by using a professional format to make them effectual. A new person may fail to write a contract in best way but use of contract template enables anyone to write contracts in a well organized and professional manner. Contract templates are available in different forms and types to use for different situations and circumstances.

Employment Contract Template is important document. In simple terms, an employment contract is a contract between the employer and employee. It is a contract for service to be provided by the employee in return for remuneration in the form of salary and other benefits. It lays down the working conditions of the employee, obligations from the part of the employer and the various statutory and other benefits to which the employee is entitled to. They are otherwise known as the terms of employment. An employment contract is awarded to an employee subsequent to his success in the employer’s assessment. You can get Employment Contract Template from this site.

The contract could be for a specific period which might be renewed from time to time or otherwise it could be based on assignments. Most employment contracts need not be put down in writing as the employee-employer relationship commences as soon as the job offer is accepted by the employee. However, most companies issue what is commonly known as the “offer letter” or “appointment letter” which lays down the main terms and conditions of employment like pay, holidays, working hours, perks etc. an employment contract comes to an end with the employee resigning from service or by his termination of the contract by the employer dismissing the employee. An employee before resigning should give adequate notice of time to the employer as agreed upon in the contract.

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Employment Contract Template

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Getting a Vendor Contract Template is easy from here. A vendor is a person in the supply chain who supplies good or provides services in return for consideration or remuneration. A vendor contract lays down the provisions and conditions of work to be performed by a vendor. A vendor contract should contain the details of work to be completed, quality of goods supplied or service provided, duration of the contract including the commencement and expiry of the contract, terms of payment, and indemnity in case of loss to either party’s arising from any negligence, etc. A vendor contract becomes enforceable by law only when the vendor and the customer sign the contract and thereby show their willingness to accept the terms and conditions of the contract.Vendor Contract Template will make your work lot more easier.

 Usually the customer attaches with the contracts a statement describing the particulars of the goods or services, their quantity and quality of goods to be supplied over the period of the contract. The payments to the vendor would be made based on such statement. The payments to vendor may be made in a single installment or as running payments based on the agreement terms. Running payments, commonly known progressive payments are paid on a weekly or fortnightly basis on submission of the invoices by the vendor.

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It is a contract between an individual or student and any company or firm stating that the individual will work for a specific period of time with company or firm for further training or work experience. Training contracts are generally offered by many large legal firms and companies to fresh graduate employees. It is also known as a legal agreement between you and your employer that you can come and work with the company or firm for particular period of time. It is a contract prepared by employers to provide advantages of skills training and professional development to employees. Training contract is a two year placement in most states and countries according to their laws and rules.

According to the terms and conditions of a training contract, employer must pay a handsome sum of money to the employee as salary. Writing of a training contract is a best way to provide professional training to the employee and trainees to make them enable to work in friendly and comfortable environment. Training contract may be a part of employment contract but not an employment contract itself. One need to write a training contract with all necessary details and required information to make it legal and effective. Training contract template is an ideal option to prepare a training contract with no troubles and confusions.

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A sample separation contract template is added here for your reference and guidance. A separation contract is a contract between a husband and a wife when they decide to stay separated for an indefinite period time, perhaps forever. This contract lays down the conditions for various matters like property division, custody, support payment, etc. A separation agreement gives clarity and mutual understanding to ambiguous matters like repaying debt liabilities, custody of children, arriving a consensus on support claims, etc. It is wise to get a separation agreement prepared by an attorney or a professional legal advisor to ensure that complex phrases of the agreement are properly phrased without giving advantage for one party over another.

A separation contract should be signed by both the husband and wife and notarized to make it legal. A separation agreement is not an assurance to the fact that a couple will be given divorce; it is only an agreement which will make the process for getting a divorce easier and simpler. A separation contract being a contract between the spouses; is not binding to third parties like creditors, banks or finance companies to whom the spouse is supposed to repay debts. The default of the spouse to repay a debt will result in the liability being transferred to the other. The spouse can sue the other for breach of contract resulting in which the debt had to be cleared.

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Now you can get a Dealership Contract Template from here without any cost to pay. A dealership agreement is entered between two parties, namely the dealer and the supplier. The dealer purchases good from supplier and is responsible for selling them in his sales territory. All arrangements for sales promotion and marketing are of the dealer. Dealership contract is featured by “exclusivity” which forbids the supplier from undertaking sales in the dealer’s territory as well not to enter into any contractual agreements with other dealers in the same territory. When a contract provides for no exclusivity, the supplier has a right to sell all or part of his goods specified by the agreement. Good Dealership Contract Template will make your job lot more easier.

However, the contract will specify whether the dealer is allowed to appoint other sub-dealers, selling agents or marketing representatives. The dealership contract shall mention the clear list of products to be supplied by the supplier for a definite period. If any changes are to make in the list of goods an amendment is to be made to the contract to include new products or to exclude existing ones. The dealership contract should also provide terms for the use or non-use of the trademarks, copyrights or patents of the supplier or his products. If the supplier is willing to let the dealer use his trademarks etc, the remuneration for such use should also be determined and agreed upon.

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To help you we have added here a free rental contract template for you. A contract between a tenant and a landlord to use the building of the landlord for residential accommodation is known as rental contract. A rental contract is drawn for a period until when the tenant is expected to occupy the building. The contract may require the tenant to pay advance money as security deposit to the landlord which the landlord can use to set off any damages caused by the tenant during his stay. The contract will lay down the terms and conditions regarding the payment of rent, the due date and mode of payment. The rental contract has to be signed by the landlord and the tenant with a witness present when it is being signed. The contract become effective from the day it is signed or the day when the tenant takes accommodation of the property whichever is earlier.

A rental contract may be fixed term of for a periodic term. Under a fixed term rental contract the tenant has to stay in the property for the entire term of the contract. The rent may also be increased by the landlord during the period of the contract. Under a periodic term contract a tenant can vacate the premises as and when he desires without having to pay any rent for the future period. However, all outstanding rent dues have to be paid in full.

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