Computer service is a vital thing that can increase the life of your computer as well as its work performance to get desired outcomes without facing any troubles. Computer service is necessary just like service of car, motor bike or any other devices to use them in orderly manner without facing faults and errors. Computer service is also essential to finish work of hours in minutes with great efficiency. Markets are full with vendors and computer service experts who provide their services to general public and to their customers in this regard. Preparation of a computer service contract is a good idea before taking services of individual or a company for your computer service.

Computer service contract is a legal document entered into between a computer service provider company or individual and a customer. It is a professional way to spell out expectations of both from each other regarding computer service. A well written computer service contract ensures that both you and a computer expert are clear about terms of services, cost of the computer service as well as time required for the process etc. computer service contract keep both parties away from any misunderstanding or disagreement during computer service. If you are unfamiliar with computer service contract writing and want to write one for your business or company, you should use a well made computer service contract for this purpose.

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A sample maintenance contract template for you in MS word format. A maintenance contract is a fixed free service, generally provided by the manufacturer of equipment or contractor, over a period of time for maintaining buildings or equipments. The company provides the service provider monthly or annual service payments based on the terms of the maintenance contract. A maintenance contract could be for servicing of equipments or supply of labor. A well structured maintenance contract can relieve the stress of the engineering and mechanical department of an organization and can save cost, time and effort of its labor force. It provides a company more flexibility in availing services than using its own employees. During crisis or downsizing of company maintenance contracts can be altered to reduce the frequency of the service schedule or the labor and thereby cut costs.

Maintenance contracts aid a company is preparing its budget forecasts accurately and more precisely since the costs are known for a finite period of time. A maintenance contract promises quality service and good upkeep of equipments since the payments to the contractor are linked to the efficiency and the performance of the equipment. It ensures that technical issues are handled by persons with expertise which otherwise would have been tough for the company to screen and recruit. Further, all the employee benefits like pensions, gratuity, taxes, etc become the responsibility of the contractor than of the company.

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Lease Contract Template is for you help in leasing process agreement. A lease contract is the execution by which one party conveys a property to another party, for a particular period, in exchange of a valuable benefit, and retains the ownership at the expiry of the contract. Common lease agreement are entered into for leasing real estate property like residential buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities or machinery and equipment like farming equipment, automobiles, electrical appliances etc. generally a lease agreement can be oral or written. But laws of different states require that a lease agreement should be in writing if the value exceeds a certain limit or the period of lease is beyond a particular time frame. A lease is when a property owner (the offeror) offers his property to another (the offeree) and the offered accepts the offer. You can get free Lease Contract Template from this site.

The offer will authorize the offeree to possess and use the property owned by the offeror for a certain period of time without gaining ownership. The property has to be returned to its owner on expiry of the lease contract. The property owner of a lease contract is called the lessor and the user of the property is called lessee. The lessee has to pay consideration to the lessor for use of his property which can be definite amounts of money or any other valuable benefit mutually agreed upon. If a lessee defaults in meeting any of his obligations the lessor can sue him for damages arising from such breach of contract.

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lease contract template


Subcontractor contract is a common type of contracts normally entered into between two parties where one is general contractor and other subcontractor. It is a type of contracts often used in construction field to accomplish construction projects with the help of other subcontractors. It is a legal document to demonstrate the rights and work responsibilities of both parties (contractor and subcontractor) like scope of work to be done, estimated money or cost that will be charged, time frame when the work will be accomplished and other terms and conditions related to the contract. Duties and responsibilities of contractor and subcontractor may be different as per terms of the contract. Contractor is a person who responsible to report the overall project or work progress whereas a subcontractor only liable for a specific task or sort of work.

Contractor receives the cost or payment of the work done by client or customer and a subcontractor directly paid by the general contractor. One needs to write a subcontractor agreement in easy to understand language with all vital details. Writing of a subcontractor agreement may require extra amount of time and brilliant writing skills to complete it in a best way. Some people ask professional to prepare subcontractor contracts for them. An individual can also write a subcontractor contract personally by using subcontractor contract template.

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Vehicle contract provide an excellent opportunity for the working class people to drive their dream cars. It is not possible for every individual to pay the price of a vehicle upfront. Vehicle contract allow people to take vehicles on operational lease during the lifetime of the vehicle. With a vehicle contract hire a person is required to pay an equal amount every month for the using the vehicle he has chosen. The cost per month is indirectly related to the rate o depreciation the vehicle would suffer over its estimated useful life and the period of the contract.

Depending on the vehicle make and its known condition after continued use for a long time the company may charge high or less equated monthly installments. The monthly installments may include the cost of servicing, maintenance, taxes or other duties payable by the owner otherwise. The vehicle on the expiry of the contract has to be returned to the vehicle contract hire vendor. The contract will be drawn based on a rough estimation of the number of miles the vehicles is estimated to travel in a year. Where the actual miles travelled exceed the agreed number of miles, an additional charge per mile have to be paid at a stipulated rate as per the contract.

Here is free vehicle contract template for you

vehicle contract template


Download Tenancy Contract Template free from here. A tenancy contract is an agreement between two parties namely the tenant and the landlord. The tenant is any person who occupies the accommodation provided by the landlord by paying rentals. The tenancy agreement gives rights to both the parties, for example the right of the tenant to occupy the accommodation and the landlord’s right to receive rent for letting the accommodation. Normally a tenancy agreement can be made up of expressed terms and implied terms. Expressed terms include what is agreed upon in the agreement by both the parties.Tenancy Contract Template is important document.

 Implied terms are rights given by law or arrangements established by custom or tradition. For example the landlord may specifically forbid the tenant to have pets in the accommodation, or deny him any permission to make structural changes to the building without prior consent. Implied terms are that the tenant will not sub-let the accommodation to any third party and will use the accommodation solely for his own use. A well written tenancy agreement will have the names of the tenant and the landlord, address of the property that is being let out, duration of tenancy, amount of rent payable, due date of rent, periodical escalation in rent, notice for termination and vacating of accommodation, etc.

Sample Free Tenancy Contract template for your reference and guidance.

tenancy contract template


We are adding a useful wedding contract template free for you. This can also be called marriage contract template. A wedding contract is a formal deed between a future husband and a wife which lays down the terms and conditions of their wedding. A wedding contract should be prepared in confirmation with the legal rules and also should not deviate from rules governing public order, customs or common decency. A wedding contract requires to be drawn before the wedding and should be signed by the would-be husband and wife in front of an attorney.  The contract becomes effective from the date of wedding which will be supported by a wedding certificate stating the wedding contract number, name and contact of the attorney who drew up the contract, type of contract, name of the bride and bridegroom, etc.

In the absence of a wedding contract the wedding would be under the purview of the statutory prenuptial system. A prenuptial agreement includes all the terms and conditions regarding the use of and ownership of assets during the wedding and the settlement of assets in case the wedding is dissolved. A prenuptial commences along with the wedding contract and ends upon the death, divorce or legal separation of the couple’s assets. This our free wedding contract template can be amended during the lifetime of the married couple with their mutual consent in the presence of an attorney.

Here is a free wedding contract template for you to download.

wedding contract template


Now making Confidentiality Contract is much easy if you use Confidentiality Contract Template for it. Confidentiality contract is entered between parties who are in possession of any vital information. The contract requires its parties not to disclose the information to any third party without the prior approval or unless a professional or legal requirement calls for such disclosure. Confidentiality is an accepted professional trait and is not made formal through contracts generally. However, the sensitive nature and the volume of some transactions or the fear of information leaking to competitors may require the signing of a confidentiality contract. We hope that you will like Confidentiality Contract Template.

Ideally a confidentiality contract may not have any consideration paid in return to the parties since it is a contract entered to safeguard the company from unwarranted loss of vital information. However, the contract may lay down the manner in which the parties who infringe the contract shall be dealt with. The contract becomes effective from the day it is signed by all the parties. Some legislation might even require the contract to be registered with the local authorities. The contract might be entered for a finite period of time until when the information is considered or agreed as important. Upon the expiry of the contract the parties are relieved from their responsibility of retaining the confidentiality of the information.

Free confidentiality contract template available for download

confidentiality contract template


A home repair contract is a very handy tool for you when you decide to repair your home as per your personal needs or to give a new look to your home. Home repair contract is a document that set up an effective and solid working relation between a property owner and contractor for the repairing of home. It is a professional way to spell out in detail that what both are expecting from each other. A well written home repairing contract can be a good starting point for you to get services of a contractor regarding repairing of home. A home repair contract may spell out the precise work to be performed, estimated cost of the project, time required to accomplish the work and other terms and conditions related to the home repairing.

Some people get services of their personal lawyers to draft home repair contracts to make them legal as per laws and rules of the country or state. One can also prepare a home repair contract at home by using variety of helpful techniques and ways to do so. Home repair contract template is a super fine and recommended tool to use in making of home repair contract that enables you to finish it with needed details and information. You can download home repair contract template from internet for free of cost.

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Home repair Contract Template


Get a export contract template here for free of cost. An export contract is entered into between an exporter and an importer belonging to two different countries for selling and purchasing goods or for offering services. The seller and buyer are known as exporter and importer respectively. The contract would contain the terms of sale like quantity ordered, price per unit, delivery conditions, payment terms, etc. It is a safe practice to enter into written forms of export contracts in legal bond papers. However, the common trade practice is to affect export sales based on pro-forma invoices or quotations received from exporters through e-mail, fax or courier. Such informal contact becomes valid when the importer duly signs the pro-forma invoice stating that “I agree to the terms and conditions of the sale” and returns a copy to the exporter.

However, some importers may demand a formal export contract to avoid any future legal hassles. Care has to be taken in writing the export contract as they are made between citizens of two different countries with different legal systems and procedures. These differences may cause practical difficulties during the course of the trade. Further, most of the export contracts are handled by representatives of the buyers. Hence, it should be ensured that the contract is finally signed by the actual buyer who can be sued in case of any default.

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export contract template