Below is a ready to use rent to own contract template available for free of cost and one can simply customize the template in Microsoft word or any other word processing software to construct a rent to own contract within no time. If it is decided by you to purchase a house or any other property you are using as a tenant, then it is a brilliant idea for you to create a rent to own contract first. Generally rent to own contract is an agreement established between a landlord and tenant sometime after the beginning of the tenancy when a tenant decide to purchase the rental property in particular period of time. A rent to own contract requires potential buyer to pay monthly rent to the home owner with a portion of it going toward a home purchase at a specific date in future. Before entering into a rent to own contract, a landlord or property owner has to decide the sale price and rent he or she will charge for the house.

More about Rent to Own Contract Template:

Rent to own contract can be prepared for variety of things. For example, rent to own contract is a common type of sales transaction under which any kind of tangible property just like motor vehicles, rooms and houses is rented in exchange for a specific monthly payment with the option to purchase after a particular time period during the contract. Such contracts have potential financial and wide variety of benefits both landlords and tenants. In most of situations, as per conditions of the contract a tenant will pay the owner a precise amount of money as advance deposit which will be used as down payment when it is time to purchase the property. Whereas, many property owners will collect rent amount every month from tenant as agreed, a part of which will go for purchase of property. As per terms of the rent to own contract, the title of ownership to the house or property remains with the landlord until the tenant works out his or her option (purchases the property). A best and recommended way to create an error free rent to own contract is use of rent to own contract template.

Finally you found the perfect house to live in but you can’t rather afford to purchase it right now, so there is a good option for you to lease the house with an option to purchase in future. A rent to own contract is totally different from a general rental contract in that a tenant can buy the property at any time during the agreement. Signing a rent to own contract is a flexible option for both tenant and landlord to carry out the transaction of sale of property as agreed. It is also an attractive option for seller who cannot find an appropriate buyer for the home or property right away. Writing a rent to own contract can be little bit challenging for you as a fresh person but you can write it perfectly by means of following rent to own contract template. the rent to own contract template is designed in Microsoft word format so you can make changes in the template easily using same software.

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Below is a land sale contract template which is produced by our professionals to guide you with enough instructions when writing a land sale contract. Land sale contract is an agreement entered into between a property owner who want to sell his land or property and a buyer who wish to buy the same land in exchange of agreed amount of money as cost of land. In a land sale contract, the seller provides financing to buyer to purchase the land for an agreed upon purchase price. Writing a land sale contract is a best way to permit the buyer to take possession of the land for most purposes other than title of ownership while the buyer is not paying lump sum amount in one payment. As per terms and conditions of the contract, sale price is usually paid by the buyer in periodic installments. Land sale contract is similar to a mortgage but rather than borrowing money from a financial organization or bank to buy the land or any other kind of property, the buyer makes payments in installments to the real estate owner or seller until the full purchase price is paid as agreed in the contract.

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Signing a land sale contract is best way to eliminate the borrowing of money from other financial providers in order to purchase real estate or land. In general, a buyer and a seller both parties sign the land sale contract understanding all agreed upon terms and conditions of the sale of land. A land sale contract is commonly used when a land buyer is unable to obtain financing from a bank or any other financial provides due to poor credit rating, insufficient collateral or down payment etc. A land sale contract must include all necessary and basic information about the land just the address of real estate, full legal description of the land or property, purchase price, down payment amount to be paid by buyer, monthly payment amounts, number of payments to be made and balloon payment required if any etc. using a proper format just like land sale contract template is best to prevent errors when making a land sale contract.

Land sale contract is also known as contract for deed in different states and countries and considered as a vital document in real estate business. With help of a land sale contract, a buyer pays purchase price in installments directly to the seller for land purchased without securing a home loan or mortgage loan from a third party like bank. Signing a land sale contract is a best way for buyer to purchase a land or real estate when facing lack of financial recourses to make one time full payment. Land sale contracts should be prepared as per laws and regulations of the state. It is also best ask your lawyer to review the land sale contract in order to avoid misunderstandings in later times. Large number of handful tools and instruments is accessible on web to make error free land sale contracts at home or in office. An elegantly designed land sale contract template is also obtainable here on this page. This land sale contract template is equipped with all major contents and details that one need to make up a good land sale contract.

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land sale contract template


Following cleaning contract template is easily editable in word processing software to write down a cleaning contract avoiding errors and mistakes. We all daily make contracts and agreements with other individual persons and companies to get things done in proper format without facing troubles. We also know that contracts are voluntary legal agreements between two or more parties outlining each party’s rights and obligations regarding a particular job, activity or business operation. Contracts can be made for variety of reasons and are using in almost all fields of life. Similarly a cleaning contract is an arrangement between an individual service provider or company and a client. Signing a cleaning contract before entering into a cleaning activity or job is best thing to do because it leaves no room for doubt or confusion as to the exact obligations and responsibilities of each party. It is admitted fact that written contracts are an effective way to bind a professional relationship together so don’t forget to prepare and sign a cleaning contract when you wish to get services of a cleaning professional or company.

More about Cleaning Contract Template:

A cleaning contract can be a very first step for you when you ready to get or provide cleaning services. A cleaning contract may include basic details and information about the transaction just like name of parties, contact details, date of the contract, duration of the contract, cost of services, how the customer intends to pay the cleaner and the specific cleaning duties the cleaner must complete to receive payment in exchange of services provided etc. usually cleaning contracts are signed by individual persons and companies to get cleaning services for personal residence, workplace, office, company or society etc. apart from the situation or parties involved, a cleaning contract clearly define what cleaning tasks are to be performed, when and how often they should be accomplished, who will be responsible for cleaning supplies, what cost will be paid as compensation for services and what payment methods will be used etc. It is not advisable and recommended not to have a cleaning contract before starting a cleaning job because it could be disadvantageous for you either as a cleaning professional or client. Consider use of a cleaning contract template if you really want to produce an elegant cleaning contract.

After the final decision of hiring a professional person or company to handle cleaning duties for your company or personal living place, you should think about making of cleaning contract to stay away from misunderstandings and quarrels in forthcoming times. Cleaning contract is a legal document that protects rights and duties of involved parties which mean any involved party in the contract can use this document as a written evidence to get law enforcement for compensation of violation or disagreement during the contract. As a party of the cleaning contract, you must clearly understand all the terms mentioned in the contract before signing. Cleaning contract should be drafted carefully using a professional format or sample just like cleaning contract template. We have an editable cleaning contract template to create a professional looking cleaning contract within minute instead of hours.

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cleaning contract template


Are you seeking some help to write a faultless and most effective photography contract for an upcoming event? If yes, then here is a chance for you to download an easy to use photography contract template. Best thing about the template is that you can simply modify its contents and elements as per your wants using Microsoft word on your personal computer. We are living in litigious society and photography is just like a most important part of every single event. Tasking photo shots on your big day is a best and excellent way to capture some unforgettable moments as well as to collect a lot of memories regarding the event. If you are not an expert to take photos or photographer, it is good for you to sign a photography contract with photographer to cover the event in best way. Photography contract can be prepared for wide range of events just like wedding, birthday party, anniversary, annual function and many more. Photography contract is a legal agreement entered into a photographer and client to make sure that only memories captured are good ones.

Whether you are a photographer or hiring a photographer for your event, it is suggested by experts to sign a photography contract before starting the job. A well written photography contract educates and holds both parties accountable to what is expected for a beneficial and successful photographer and client relationship. As a client, a photography contract outline your expectations in detailed manner in terms of how the photos will be taken, the timing in which the printed photos will be delivered and other issues around photographic rights just like payment method etc. If you are a professional who is getting paid for making photos, then it is also beneficial for you to sign a photography contract with your client in order to protect yourself and your rights. We have decided to provide you with a ready to use photography contract template. It is prepared in Microsoft word format and can be used for different types of events. This photography contract template is easy to use and modify in Microsoft word program.

Rendering professional services especially in the creative arts like taking photos for your client is a tricky business to carry out that why it’s suggested by experts to make up a photography contract with your client to stay protected during the job. A photography contract may include name and contact details of parties, date and time of the event to be covered, address of event place, expectations of the client regarding photo shooting, fee of the photographer, cost of printing and payment method etc. It is best for both parties to review the contract carefully before signing. Writing a photography contract for first time can be complex job to do. If you want to make up a photography contract professional looking and effective, you should utilize an appropriate format or layout for this purpose. There is a photography contract template produced by professionals to assist our users while writing photography contract. Whether you are a photographer or client, our ready-made photography contract template will provide you a proper way to finish the contract elegantly.

Photography Contract Template


A skillfully made hair salon booth rental agreement template is downloadable here for free and a user can simply make changes in the template to make up a personalized hair salon booth rental agreement in minutes. Renting out various types of property and assets is a common source of incomes in these days. People having extra property just like a house, room, apartment, building or land prefer to rent out their properties to get a handsome amount of money as rent. Similarly a hair salon booth rental agreement is a document prepared and signed by hair salon both owner and hair stylist. Purpose of the agreement is to layout all the basic terms and conditions of rental transaction as well as to protect rights of both parties. A detailed hair salon booth rental agreement grants permission to the hair stylish or leasing party to use a designated area in exchange for a fee called rent, for a particular period of time. Such agreements are usually prepared for hair salon, beauty parlors and other type of businesses having same nature.

As an expert hair stylist if you don’t have enough money to start and run your own hair salon booth, then signing a hair salon both rental agreement with booth owner is an excellent option to start the business. The agreement lets a hair stylist or any other expert person to use the hair salon booth owned and managed by the owner in exchange of specified sum of money as rent. With help of a hair salon booth rental agreement in place from the beginning, booth renters know exactly in details what to expect during day to day operations. Hair salon booth rental agreements are arrangements made for variety of reasons. If a hair salon booth rental agreement is not properly documented and exercised appropriately, the owner opens the door for many legal issues so make the agreement legal and professional looking using a proper format. Internet is full with a lot of handy tools that can be used for this purpose. Hair salon booth rental agreement template is recommended to create an error free agreement for your business or personal use.

When renting out a hair salon booth, independent contractors and other professional persons use the hair salon booth rental agreement as a quick guide to meeting expectations and resolving workplace related issues at once. As per terms and conditions of the agreement, the hair stylist is mostly concerned with two personal goals where first is the greater increase in income via separation from the salon as an employee and the second objective or goal is more independently setting personal schedule and work routine to deal with operations of the salon booth. Writing a hair salon booth rental agreement could be a challenging and time consuming task for you but utilization of an appropriate format of set of instructions makes the job easier for you.  There is a hair salon booth rental agreement template added for you which is fully customizable in Microsoft word to make changes according to business needs.

Hair Salon Booth Rental Agreement


Waiver of liability Contract template is produced by our professional that can be downloaded here to get assistance when preparing a waiver of liability. We can define a waiver of liability as a written or oral document made by a person who is engaging in a risky activity or process while performing his duty in a company or business as an employee. In this document, an individual person usually gives up his right to take legal action the other party if he or she suffers an injury, damages or any other kind of loss while performing the activity. A waiver of liability is a vital document in these days for most businesses and companies due to the controversial society we live in. by making a waiver of liability, the business establishment or company attempts to remove legal liability from the business or person responsible for the activity mentioned. Waiver of liability can be prepared and signed for various situations in day to day life when a person undertakes a pursuit that has a relatively large amount of risk associated with it just like a serious surgery, flying or any other similar activity.

More about Waiver of Liability Contract:

Waiver of liability can be used for variety of reasons. It also protects organizations or companies like daycare center, sports leagues and travel agencies from liability in case of an accident that seriously harms or even kills a participant so after signing a waiver of liability, signer cannot claim any compensation or return for damages. In most of health care centers and hospitals, surgeons and other relevant entities asks guardian of the patient to sign waiver of liability before operating a serious surgery or operation for treatment of the patient. In case, doctors or health care professionals will not be responsible for the life of patient during the operation or medical treatment. It can be drafted by anyone for fulfillment of personal or professional needs however; it should be reviewed by an attorney or lawyer to ensure it conforms to laws of the state or country. As the result of whole mentioned above, whether you are running a skydiving business or working as a tour planner, it will be a best practice for you to ask your employees or participants sign a waiver of liability.

Waiver of liability is used in many different scenarios just like sporting events, organized trips and for many other risky activities within business or personal life. Waiver of liability is a legal document that helps business or organization from being sued if something were to go wrong during the activity or business operation. A waiver of liability will typically protect an individual person or business establishment if properly drafted and knowingly signed. It is recommended to get assistance from legal representative or lawyer to get a waiver of liability prepared according to laws and regulations of the state. A well drafted waiver of liability template is also added here which provides a proper format along with adequate amount of instruction to make up waiver of liability before long.

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Waiver of Liability Contract template


An easily editable personal loan contract template is added here on the page and it is totally free to download. Personal loan is a famous type of loans that usually granted by banks and other financial organization for personal, family or household use. For example, if you want fulfill a personal need just like repairing of house or buying a computer for home and there are insufficient financial resources to do so, then you can apply for a personal loan for this purpose. Such loans are typically general purpose loans that you can use at your prudence. Personal loans are sometimes most difficult to get due to strict requirements or qualifications regulated by the bank or financial organization. Personal loan is a smaller loan than a mortgage and usually granted for shorter terms.  If it is finally decided by you to borrow money as personal loan from bank, don’t forget to prepare and sing a personal loan contract in order to document the transaction in writing.

Details about Personal Loan Contract:

Personal loan contract is a contract entered into between a borrower and lender outlining all the terms and conditions of personal loan along with payment method etc. Loaning or borrowing money can be a big decision for everyone involved in the transaction but signing a personal loan contract is a recommended and best way to protect rights of both parties involved in the transaction. A detailed and carefully prepared personal loan contract can prevent misunderstandings and disagreements by clearly outlining the terms of the loan and repayment for both parties. In fact a personal loan contract provides answers of all questions to be raised by parties just like specified sum of money as loan, duration of the loan, number of payment installments, repayment process and other conditions etc. A personal loan contract must be written together, so each party of the contract can have a say in formulating the terms and conditions of the loan. A contract written with a mutual consent also helps to make sure neither party feels taken advantage of so carefully read the contract and understand wholly that what is included in the contract because it is matter of the money.

Whether you are loaning out the money or borrowing it for personal use, it is always advisable for you to put the transaction into writing in shape of personal loan contract. Using a personal loan contract can protect you as a lender because it legally enforces the borrower’s assurance to repay the loan in regular payments or a lump sum as mentioned in the contract. Not only for lenders, but signing the contract is also beneficial for borrowers because as per mentioned terms the lender cannot maximize the interest rate. Most of banks and other financial organizations usually use standard formats to make up personal loan contracts. It can also be prepared personally using a personal loan contract template. Utilization of personal loan contract is a best way to draft a personal loan contract because it provides a proper format and guidance to do so.

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Personal Loan Contract template


Computer service is a vital thing that can increase the life of your computer as well as its work performance to get desired outcomes without facing any troubles. Computer service is necessary just like service of car, motor bike or any other devices to use them in orderly manner without facing faults and errors. Computer service is also essential to finish work of hours in minutes with great efficiency. Markets are full with vendors and computer service experts who provide their services to general public and to their customers in this regard. Preparation of a computer service contract is a good idea before taking services of individual or a company for your computer service.

Computer service contract is a legal document entered into between a computer service provider company or individual and a customer. It is a professional way to spell out expectations of both from each other regarding computer service. A well written computer service contract ensures that both you and a computer expert are clear about terms of services, cost of the computer service as well as time required for the process etc. computer service contract keep both parties away from any misunderstanding or disagreement during computer service. If you are unfamiliar with computer service contract writing and want to write one for your business or company, you should use a well made computer service contract for this purpose.

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A sample maintenance contract template for you in MS word format. A maintenance contract is a fixed free service, generally provided by the manufacturer of equipment or contractor, over a period of time for maintaining buildings or equipments. The company provides the service provider monthly or annual service payments based on the terms of the maintenance contract. A maintenance contract could be for servicing of equipments or supply of labor. A well structured maintenance contract can relieve the stress of the engineering and mechanical department of an organization and can save cost, time and effort of its labor force. It provides a company more flexibility in availing services than using its own employees. During crisis or downsizing of company maintenance contracts can be altered to reduce the frequency of the service schedule or the labor and thereby cut costs.

Maintenance contracts aid a company is preparing its budget forecasts accurately and more precisely since the costs are known for a finite period of time. A maintenance contract promises quality service and good upkeep of equipments since the payments to the contractor are linked to the efficiency and the performance of the equipment. It ensures that technical issues are handled by persons with expertise which otherwise would have been tough for the company to screen and recruit. Further, all the employee benefits like pensions, gratuity, taxes, etc become the responsibility of the contractor than of the company.

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Lease Contract Template is for you help in leasing process agreement. A lease contract is the execution by which one party conveys a property to another party, for a particular period, in exchange of a valuable benefit, and retains the ownership at the expiry of the contract. Common lease agreement are entered into for leasing real estate property like residential buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities or machinery and equipment like farming equipment, automobiles, electrical appliances etc. generally a lease agreement can be oral or written. But laws of different states require that a lease agreement should be in writing if the value exceeds a certain limit or the period of lease is beyond a particular time frame. A lease is when a property owner (the offeror) offers his property to another (the offeree) and the offered accepts the offer. You can get free Lease Contract Template from this site.

The offer will authorize the offeree to possess and use the property owned by the offeror for a certain period of time without gaining ownership. The property has to be returned to its owner on expiry of the lease contract. The property owner of a lease contract is called the lessor and the user of the property is called lessee. The lessee has to pay consideration to the lessor for use of his property which can be definite amounts of money or any other valuable benefit mutually agreed upon. If a lessee defaults in meeting any of his obligations the lessor can sue him for damages arising from such breach of contract.

Download a sample lease contract agreement from here. It could be used as template format.

lease contract template


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