Get a export contract template here for free of cost. An export contract is entered into between an exporter and an importer belonging to two different countries for selling and purchasing goods or for offering services. The seller and buyer are known as exporter and importer respectively. The contract would contain the terms of sale like quantity ordered, price per unit, delivery conditions, payment terms, etc. It is a safe practice to enter into written forms of export contracts in legal bond papers. However, the common trade practice is to affect export sales based on pro-forma invoices or quotations received from exporters through e-mail, fax or courier. Such informal contact becomes valid when the importer duly signs the pro-forma invoice stating that “I agree to the terms and conditions of the sale” and returns a copy to the exporter.

However, some importers may demand a formal export contract to avoid any future legal hassles. Care has to be taken in writing the export contract as they are made between citizens of two different countries with different legal systems and procedures. These differences may cause practical difficulties during the course of the trade. Further, most of the export contracts are handled by representatives of the buyers. Hence, it should be ensured that the contract is finally signed by the actual buyer who can be sued in case of any default.

Free Export Contract Template  Here

export contract template


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