Get a Contract Agreement Template free from here in this site. A contract is an agreement between two or more parties to do something or not to do something in return for a valuable consideration. A person cannot enter into a contract with himself. A person should be of legal age, should be of sound mind and should not be declared as insolvent by court of law to enter into any contract. By entering into a contract the parties to the contract agree to voluntarily agree to create one more legal obligation between each other. Contracts can either be in writing or oral or implied through conduct. A person to a contract can sue the other party (ies) in case of breach of any contractual terms in the form of compensation of money, or specific performance or non-performance of the contract. Contract Agreement Template is very much important.

Common examples of contractual agreements are construction contracts, purchase contracts, employment contracts, etc. Consideration for a contract is anything of value which is to be given by the promissor to the promisee in exchange for something of value given by the promisee to the promissor. Consideration should be legal, meaning that it should be anything which is forbidden by law. For example: A agrees to murder B for a sum of few amounts.

Here is download link to download contract agreement

Contract Agreement Template


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