Sample Construction Contract Template is added for your reference. A construction contract specifies the rights, duties and obligations of the contractor and the client in relation to a construction project. Construction contracts maybe undertaken for various purposes such as structural extensions, redesigning of buildings, property development, etc, and proper construction contract should be have a good title which relates aptly to the nature of work undertaken. The name of the parties to the contract should be specified in the contract along with their identity and contact addresses. We hope you will like Construction Contract Template very much.

The site address where the work is to be performed should also be specified in the contract. In addition to the contract a separate document named the “scope of work” is usually attached, which describes the construction plan, estimated costs, job description, materials and equipment to be used, etc. special attention should be given to selection of material since construction contracts require that specific brand and quality of products be used in building. The contract should also specify the time limit within which the construction has to be completed and building made available for use by the client. Construction contracts have unique payment process called progress payments where the contractor is paid based on the work completed by him as per the contract. The work completed is certified by an architect of the client based on which payments are released to the contractor.

Here is the download link to download construction contract Template.

construction contract template


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