Following cleaning contract template is easily editable in word processing software to write down a cleaning contract avoiding errors and mistakes. We all daily make contracts and agreements with other individual persons and companies to get things done in proper format without facing troubles. We also know that contracts are voluntary legal agreements between two or more parties outlining each party’s rights and obligations regarding a particular job, activity or business operation. Contracts can be made for variety of reasons and are using in almost all fields of life. Similarly a cleaning contract is an arrangement between an individual service provider or company and a client. Signing a cleaning contract before entering into a cleaning activity or job is best thing to do because it leaves no room for doubt or confusion as to the exact obligations and responsibilities of each party. It is admitted fact that written contracts are an effective way to bind a professional relationship together so don’t forget to prepare and sign a cleaning contract when you wish to get services of a cleaning professional or company.

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A cleaning contract can be a very first step for you when you ready to get or provide cleaning services. A cleaning contract may include basic details and information about the transaction just like name of parties, contact details, date of the contract, duration of the contract, cost of services, how the customer intends to pay the cleaner and the specific cleaning duties the cleaner must complete to receive payment in exchange of services provided etc. usually cleaning contracts are signed by individual persons and companies to get cleaning services for personal residence, workplace, office, company or society etc. apart from the situation or parties involved, a cleaning contract clearly define what cleaning tasks are to be performed, when and how often they should be accomplished, who will be responsible for cleaning supplies, what cost will be paid as compensation for services and what payment methods will be used etc. It is not advisable and recommended not to have a cleaning contract before starting a cleaning job because it could be disadvantageous for you either as a cleaning professional or client. Consider use of a cleaning contract template if you really want to produce an elegant cleaning contract.

After the final decision of hiring a professional person or company to handle cleaning duties for your company or personal living place, you should think about making of cleaning contract to stay away from misunderstandings and quarrels in forthcoming times. Cleaning contract is a legal document that protects rights and duties of involved parties which mean any involved party in the contract can use this document as a written evidence to get law enforcement for compensation of violation or disagreement during the contract. As a party of the cleaning contract, you must clearly understand all the terms mentioned in the contract before signing. Cleaning contract should be drafted carefully using a professional format or sample just like cleaning contract template. We have an editable cleaning contract template to create a professional looking cleaning contract within minute instead of hours.

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cleaning contract template


Computer service is a vital thing that can increase the life of your computer as well as its work performance to get desired outcomes without facing any troubles. Computer service is necessary just like service of car, motor bike or any other devices to use them in orderly manner without facing faults and errors. Computer service is also essential to finish work of hours in minutes with great efficiency. Markets are full with vendors and computer service experts who provide their services to general public and to their customers in this regard. Preparation of a computer service contract is a good idea before taking services of individual or a company for your computer service.

Computer service contract is a legal document entered into between a computer service provider company or individual and a customer. It is a professional way to spell out expectations of both from each other regarding computer service. A well written computer service contract ensures that both you and a computer expert are clear about terms of services, cost of the computer service as well as time required for the process etc. computer service contract keep both parties away from any misunderstanding or disagreement during computer service. If you are unfamiliar with computer service contract writing and want to write one for your business or company, you should use a well made computer service contract for this purpose.

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A sample maintenance contract template for you in MS word format. A maintenance contract is a fixed free service, generally provided by the manufacturer of equipment or contractor, over a period of time for maintaining buildings or equipments. The company provides the service provider monthly or annual service payments based on the terms of the maintenance contract. A maintenance contract could be for servicing of equipments or supply of labor. A well structured maintenance contract can relieve the stress of the engineering and mechanical department of an organization and can save cost, time and effort of its labor force. It provides a company more flexibility in availing services than using its own employees. During crisis or downsizing of company maintenance contracts can be altered to reduce the frequency of the service schedule or the labor and thereby cut costs.

Maintenance contracts aid a company is preparing its budget forecasts accurately and more precisely since the costs are known for a finite period of time. A maintenance contract promises quality service and good upkeep of equipments since the payments to the contractor are linked to the efficiency and the performance of the equipment. It ensures that technical issues are handled by persons with expertise which otherwise would have been tough for the company to screen and recruit. Further, all the employee benefits like pensions, gratuity, taxes, etc become the responsibility of the contractor than of the company.

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A home repair contract is a very handy tool for you when you decide to repair your home as per your personal needs or to give a new look to your home. Home repair contract is a document that set up an effective and solid working relation between a property owner and contractor for the repairing of home. It is a professional way to spell out in detail that what both are expecting from each other. A well written home repairing contract can be a good starting point for you to get services of a contractor regarding repairing of home. A home repair contract may spell out the precise work to be performed, estimated cost of the project, time required to accomplish the work and other terms and conditions related to the home repairing.

Some people get services of their personal lawyers to draft home repair contracts to make them legal as per laws and rules of the country or state. One can also prepare a home repair contract at home by using variety of helpful techniques and ways to do so. Home repair contract template is a super fine and recommended tool to use in making of home repair contract that enables you to finish it with needed details and information. You can download home repair contract template from internet for free of cost.

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Home repair Contract Template


Sample Construction Contract Template is added for your reference. A construction contract specifies the rights, duties and obligations of the contractor and the client in relation to a construction project. Construction contracts maybe undertaken for various purposes such as structural extensions, redesigning of buildings, property development, etc, and proper construction contract should be have a good title which relates aptly to the nature of work undertaken. The name of the parties to the contract should be specified in the contract along with their identity and contact addresses. We hope you will like Construction Contract Template very much.

The site address where the work is to be performed should also be specified in the contract. In addition to the contract a separate document named the “scope of work” is usually attached, which describes the construction plan, estimated costs, job description, materials and equipment to be used, etc. special attention should be given to selection of material since construction contracts require that specific brand and quality of products be used in building. The contract should also specify the time limit within which the construction has to be completed and building made available for use by the client. Construction contracts have unique payment process called progress payments where the contractor is paid based on the work completed by him as per the contract. The work completed is certified by an architect of the client based on which payments are released to the contractor.

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construction contract template


If there is need to make any remodeling in your house, room or office and you are going to start work for this purpose, don’t forget to write a renovation contract before getting services of a contractor in this regard. A written renovation contract is an essential part of any home or room renovation to get it accomplished at time without any delay and arising of any quarrel between you and your contractor. Renovation contract is a legal document to spell out all the terms and conditions of renovation between two parties (property owner and contractor). It can be used by both parties as an enforcement tool in case of any misunderstanding or problems to come over the situation to resolve the issues.

Renovation contract is a document to ensure that you and contractor are agreeing to the same thing and also outlines the responsibilities of each involved party in the contract. It is also a great thing to get legal help if your renovation is going out of track and protects both parties from damages and accidents. A well written renovation contract is may be the first and vital step towards renovations and it should be prepared with complete and necessary details. Use of renovation contract templates enables you to prepare a renovation contract with all details and features in few minutes instead of hours.

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Renovation Contract Template



Whether you want to remodel your entire home, apartment or office, a detailed remodeling contract written between you and the contractor you hire for this purpose is essential before any renovation or remodeling to enjoy a trouble free remodeling. This type of contract is a best tool to establish a pleasant working relationship between a contractor and property owner or landlord. Making of a remodeling contract protects both parties form variety of misunderstandings. A remodeling contract may include name and other details of both parties, nature of the property, criteria or remodeling work, estimated sum of money, required time to accomplish the contract and other terms and conditions about remodeling etc.

A well written remodeling contract with all details is an excellent way to establish the foundation of a good working relationship and environment between you and contractor. It is a professional tool to indicate rights, duties and obligations of involved parties in details. Remodeling contract reduces the amount of risks for both parties involved in the contract. If you are also looking for remodeling of your house or room and wish to write a remodeling contract personally, you should use a remodeling contract template to do this with best. Remodeling contract templates and samples are widely available on internet for free of cost and a user can download appropriate remodeling contract template as per needs from internet.

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Remodeling Contract Template



Do you want a Service Contract Template then you have reached up the right place. When a manufactured product is purchased in addition to warranty period, an additional offer known as service contract is also provided for a fixed period. A service contract provides an additional assurance that the service which you are entitled to receive from the product will be provided in the event of any break down or failure. Service contracts are not completely warranties but are extended warranties. Usually the cost of service is included in the sale price and is offered as complementary to the customer. However, in the case of any repair, damage or accident beyond the purview of service contract, additional cost may have to be incurred to bring the product to its previous form. Service Contract Template is very much important.

With the growth of e-commerce products are sold over the internet without the aid of any specific point of sale outlets. In such a situation to avail service from the manufacturer might seem laborious and time consuming. A service contract defines the location and the process through which service will be rendered by the manufacturer. For example, computer manufacturers produce their products in a single location and sell them worldwide through various retails channels. These manufacturers offer service contracts at distributed domestic locations known as authorized service locations where the computers can be taken for repair or servicing.

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Service Contract Template


Building a house or an apartment is a very complicated process and ay involves lots of various construction elements like knowledge of architectural designs, different building codes, material and labor cost etc. making of a builder contract is a simple and easy way to get your house or apartment built in a trouble free manner without any extra load of work. Building contract is a contract prepared and signed between builder and client to indicate rights and duties of both parties with terms and conditions of the contract. It is a best way to protect both parties form any disagreement during the building or construction process. A builder contract helps you a lot to let your clients know what to expect from you and what you want from them in return.

Complete details about both involved parties should be there on top of your contract while making a builder contract. Builder contract may include other details like scope of work need to be done, work schedules and processes, specified sum of money and time in which work need to be done etc. if you are going to write a builder contract very first time, you are advised to use a well made builder contract template with all necessary spaces and fields to finish a building contract in best and easy way.

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Contract is a handy tool that can be used to make any personal or business deal legal in eyes of law. It is written or oral agreement that may specify the rights and duties of involved parties to each other in a contract. Media advertising contract is a legal document that can be used to engage a media advertiser to promote products or services of another company or business entity for a specified sum of money normally known as media advertising cost. Media advertisement contract prepared by large businesses and companies who want to promote and advertise their business, products and services on particular type of media like newspaper, magazine, TV, radio or internet etc.

A well made media advertising contract protects both parties (advertiser and client) by providing important details of the agreement like type of media for advertising, agreed cost for advertising, placement of adds, time frame, payment schedules, payment due dates and cancellation policies and procedures etc. a client or customer need to provide accurate details and information about the products or services to the advertiser that need to be promoted in order to get effective advertising benefits. One can use various helping techniques and tools in preparation of elegant media advertising contract and one of them is media advertising contract template. You just need to customize the template after downloading in order to write faultless media advertising contract.

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Media Advertising Contract Template

Here is media advertising contract template.